NEWS LETTER. 1 – 2022


Dear Friend,

So far this year, the sports agenda has been packed with exciting events, tournaments and games. We have been craving for this for some time now! Like so many other industries in this turbulent time in the aftermath of the corona pandemic, our industry took a heavy toll too. We have seen partners and subcontractors forced to lay off valuable employees, and many to close business operations for good. But bad times also present new opportunities to establish fresh partnerships, and a challenge to adjust, trim and improve organisation and production.

Unfortunately, we have to live with the current skyrocketing fuel prices and soaring costs of raw materials, and as a consequence the outrageous shipping expenses.
Despite all this, we are still able to offer very user friendly prices, without sacrificing our well known quality. Earlier this summer we introduced several new products. In doing so, we are celebrating by offering the grand summer discounts throughout the month of September. There will be more product releases to follow later this year.
Attend the “come back” and the 7th Annual Global Hamstring Project this fall and learn more. The gathering will present a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with our new products and our entire line.

Until then, enjoy the end of this wonderful summer and the early fall !

Adrian Witt



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