In a featured article “Reshaping the Future of Science in Football” by Tony Strudwick, PhD., Head of Performance, Manchester United and the author of “Soccer Science”, describes how applied science has become an important integrated part of the sport. This year (May 27 and 28) the Science + Football Conference will merge with the Football Medical Association Conference & Awards. This represents a positive step in defining the future of football and sports science. It is also an opportunity for a group of scientists working within football to create a meaningful and much needed movement.

Three decades ago, the football environment was one in which the scientist was likely to be greeted ”at worst with suspicion and hostility and at best with muted scepticism” according to late Professor Tom Reilly, 1979. The first World Congress of Science and Football in 1987 championed by Reilly, represented a major shift forward in effecting a link between theory and football practice, being the first occasion when representatives of all the football codes came together for a common purpose.

Our technology powered by YoYoTM has played a significant role in understanding the importance and impact of overload eccentric training to enhance performance and prevent and treat injury in football players.

Thus numerous, peer reviewed research studies provide solid proofs! Find the original sources at PubMed.

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