This is to announce the annual Barcelona Global Hamstring Project in the month of November unfortunately has been canceled (see Earlier this year, the 6th Global Hamstring Project (GHP), the very first GHP kicked off on US soil hosted by Paul Cater, owner of the Alpha Project, at his unique, state of the art training facility downtown Salinas, California. Similar to previous GHP’s, this event shared knowledge about hamstring injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. Experts from different fields with the mission to bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians, and coaches, practitioners and conditioners, to benefit the athlete at the end, were brought together. People attending represented North- and South America and Europe and included participants serving e.g., MBL, NHL and NFL.

This highly interactive event presented new trends in research and training with emphasis on flywheel and eccentric overload training, and ”return to play” applications. Equally important, it allowed for plenty of hands on training and networking. All took place in an intimate learning setting right in the Gym in the small cozy town, writer and Nobel Prize leaturer John Steinbeck called home.


Among great lectures and work-shops: Paul Cater, Alpha Project and former S&C coach of the Baltimore Orioles; Rafa
S&C coach of the Spanish National World Cup Soccer team (currently with FC Bordeaux); Sports Injury Specialist and Performance Coach Tobe Hanson (serving San Jose Sharks, Stanford Football and many more), HMT Muscle Therapy, CA., author of ”Athlete’s Way of Excellence”; Physiotherapist John Horsley, Owner and President Restor Physical Therapy, Fountain Valley and Newport Beach, CA; Joel Smith, Strength Coach for Olympic Sports at University of California, Berkeley, Just Fly Sports Performance and author of ”Speed Strength”; Biomechanist, Dr. John DeWitt, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston; and Per Tesch, Founder, nHANCE driven by YoYo TM.

Social gatherings took place in nearby Carmel and Monterey.

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