News Letter – April


Dear nHANCE Friend,

Spring is here and we are approaching the month of May. The world is slowly, slowly opening up amid the pandemic lockdowns, and restrictions in personal life and business. The fight against the coronavirus continues and many decisions remain to be made that will impact how athletes will return to sports, ramping up training, and begin competing. At this time we already know that major leagues will revise format and schedules to comply with the situation. Numerous annual meetings, conferences and exhibitions bringing coaches, sports medicine experts and related industries together have been cancelled. This Newsletter features Tobe Hanson, Sports Injury Specialist & Performance Coach, reflecting on how professional athletes cope with training during these difficult times. For many team athletes, suddently being on their own this is a new challenging experience, calling for self discipline similar to that of succesful individual athletes. Tobe also high-lights the rationale why eccentric hamstring training is so important to speed up return to play after ACL surgery and to avoid strength quadriceps/hamstring imbalance.

Adrian Witt

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