Dear Friend,

Welcome to this early summer nHANCE World News. There are still uncertainties how the COVID -19 pandemic will impact sports and competition in the near future! Are we seing the end of the tunnel or are restrictions imposed here to stay for the rest of the year? Luckily for many fans, the major European soccer leagues are up and running after the lockdown. National champions are soon be crowned after a very intense and compact schedule to finish up the 2019-2020 season. Our dedication has been to serve athletes and coaches with the best equipment, service and training methods to meet the challenges and opportunities in times when more effort can be allocated to training in the absence of competition in the arenas.
In doing so, this newsletter highlights recently published sports applied research, using and crediting the unique nHANCE driven by YoYoTM cutting edge technology, from around the world. All to help preventing injury and improve athletic performance. The evolution of resistance exercise training emphasizing eccentric overload spurred the original inventors to conduct the science and R&D resulting in the iso-inertial YoYo technology. We continue to share and support to educate and enhance our understanding.

Wishing a wonderful Summer!

Adrian Witt

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